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Founded back in 2012, The Verses Fan Club has been supporting people who are true fans of Ella Hooper and Jesse Hooper and their band, The Verses. The co-founders of this fan club are also a hardcore fan of this band, and they want to bring all fans together so that their favourite celebrities and their albums get the maximum hits.

Since inception, we are completely focused on managing different activities in our fan club to engage more and more people with same love and interest for that artist or group. Staying connected with the professional and personal lives of Ella and Jesse Hooper is what we do. Discover more about our other activities.

We not only connect you with your favourite artists, but also organise musical events, concerts and live performances in small gatherings across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and much more. We also organise workshops to allow our members to unveil their talent or learn new instruments and create your own band with your friends.

We give you a platform where you can nurture your skills, learn signing, playing guitar, drum, piano and other instruments of your choice after joining our membership plan. For more details, you can contact us and know more about our membership plans and offers.

People with same interest can come and meet in our fan club house. We have a complete setup for workshops to let members explore their talent and boost the Australian music industry. We also create captivating social networking campaigns to connect more people and grow our fanbase.

Since The Verses is renowned rock band of Australia, most of our members want to learn rock music. From playing electric guitars to learning singing techniques, all are keen to discover new things through our workshops.

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