Rock Music Concert

The local band of Queensland is best known for their rock music, live performances and gigs. They will be performing on 10th January in the capital city of Queensland. You can be a part of this concert and make your evening memorable. For more details, contact us.

A Live Performance by The Charms

We believe in promoting all types of music and that why we are organising the Jazz Concert for young people in a lavish restaurant. You can witness live band performing saxophone, electric guitar and other instruments. Feel free to contact us if you want to buy tickets for this concert. We provide special discounts for our existing members.

Musical Gig By We Rock Band

This event is organised to encourage Sydney’s local band groups so that can represent their talent, perform live in front of audience and rock the show. One of the oldest local band of NSW, We Rock will be performing live on your favourite tracks.

Live Performance by The Vibes

“The Vibes” is Canberra’s local music band and best known for their rock composition. This concert will allow you to see live performances and you can also groove on electrifying beats. There will be huge screens to bring you up close with the artists. The venue will be packed with people and all will be dancing and jumping on the beats of The Vibes local band. If you want tickets, reach us today or join our fan club.

Mash-ups: A Live Performance

Relive the 80’s and 90’s pop music in this lively concert. The local band of Queensland will be performing on your favourite tracks from 80’s and 90’s. There will be an interesting fusion of old songs and new musical instruments to make your evening memorable. Come with your loved ones and friends to experience this musical evening in the month of love`

We Symphonic Concert

This live concert is a great event for all music lovers. Our band is performing with three sections of musical instruments, such as woodwind, percussion and brass. You can be a part of this event if you love music and want to enjoy live performances.

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