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Are you a true fan of The Verses Band? It is a popular Australian band features the brother and sister duo of Ella and Jesse Hooper. From children to youngster and mid-age people, all are fans of this music band. To support and promote our favourite band, we are running this fan club for more than 5 years. Our sole objective is to bring all the fans together, support The Verses, discover love for music and train new talents. We also organise musical concerts across Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and the list goes on. The members of our fan club are always excited and keen to learn new things related to music. Whether you want to support The Verses Band or want to learn music or any music instrument, feel free to join us. We offer exciting membership plans with great benefits. We believe in building and nurture relationships among a community of The Verses real fans. Join our fan club and leverage unlimited benefits of our amenities. Whether you are a new member or an old one, we strive to give you a platform where you can discover your passion for music. We not only support our favourite band but also encourage young and passionate singers, composers and instrumental artists to participate in local and international music competitions and become successful like The Verses Band. If you want to attend our workshops to learn more about the music, feel free to contact us. We take immense pride in organising online workshops and invite musicians to teach you the basic things about music, its compositions, lyrics creation, training on musical instruments and much more. You can also join our fan club and enjoy unlimited benefits. Our sole objective is to encourage young people, students and even old-age people who are passionate about music. This is a perfect platform for them to celebrate the success of the Verses Band. You can also call us and discover more about our membership plans.

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The duo of brother and sister, Ella and Jesse Hopper, founded the popular Australian rock band, Killing Heidi. Later, they developed The Verses Band and released the album Seasons back in 2010. Ella and Jesse Hooper are from Violet Town, Victoria and have been playing music and singing together from their childhood.

In August 1999, they released singings under the name of Killing Heidi, and rose to fame in less time. They played a blend of old killing Heidi materials along with new and unrecorded tracks to entertain the audience.

On 13th November 2009, the band released their first EP, The Verses. It ranked at #11 on the Australian ARIA Physical Singles Chart and people starting recognising them. In 2018, they released the album, Seasons. It featured new single “Want Everything, which merges the verses of previous single “Forever More” with the Chorus of “Everything at Once”. This is how they become one of the leading bands in Australia. They organise live concerts and we can help you witness their live shows if you join our fan club.

Our fan club is totally dedicated towards managing fun activities to engage more and more music lovers. If you are as passionate as our other club members and want to support Ella Hooper and Jesse Hooper in all their live concerts, then our fan club is perfect for you. Our platform gives opportunity to every true fan to enjoy music concerts and live interviews of their favourite band or artists because we celebrate their passion towards music.

Our Fan Club Supports Musicians and Artists

At The Verses Fan Club, we emphasise more on developing the community of people who support The Verses band, individual musicians and artists in Australia. Both Ella and Jesse Hooper has an enormous fanbase, and we encourage fresh talents to polish and their skills become as popular as these two celebrities. Members who are a part of our fan club share the same interest and values, and that’s why we have organised various electrifying music concerts and small gathering performances all around Australia.

If you want to learn music, join us and build a career in the Australian music industry. We have experienced and talented musicians and music professionals who have spent their lives converting their passion into successful career. To support local musicians and bands, we host music concerts in different cities, and we love what we do.
We not only supports our favourite artists, but also emphasise on organising musical events, live performances and programs in small gatherings in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, and much more. You can also attend our online workshops to polish your talent and learn new things about music, instruments and create your own band.

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Upcoming Events

Rock Music Concert

The local band of Queensland is best known for their rock music, live performances and gigs. They will be performing on 10th January in the capital city of Queensland. You can be a part of this concert and make your evening memorable. For more details, contact us.

A Live Performance by The Charms

We believe in promoting all types of music and that why we are organising the Jazz Concert for young people in a lavish restaurant. You can witness live band performing saxophone, electric guitar and other instruments. Feel free to contact us if you want to buy tickets for this concert. We provide special discounts for our existing members.

Musical Gig By We Rock Band

This event is organised to encourage Sydney’s local band groups so that can represent their talent, perform live in front of audience and rock the show. One of the oldest local band of NSW, We Rock will be performing live on your favourite tracks.

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From creating merchandise t-shirts to training young talents, our fan club is known for supporting the fans of The Verses Band so that they can show their real love towards Ella and Jesse Hooper. We never fail to impress our new members, and that’s why we are one of the renowned fan clubs in Australia. We not only provide complete details about your favourite band but also help you learn music in our fully-featured club house. Our annual membership plan is popular among young fans of The Verses Band. It is an ideal opportunity to support your favourite band and meet like-minded people in our fan club. All young fans in our club organise fun-loving events, small music concerts and programs to enjoy the different genres of music. We are also focusing on expanding our club facilities by introducing musical sessions and instrumental training classes so that existing members can develop their skills or learn new instruments, such as drums, guitar, piano, etc. We also offer exclusive offers to our members who are supporting ‘The Verses’ band. For more details, give us a call today and become a prestigious member of our fan club today.

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